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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #22

Thirteen things we did at Brownies on Tuesday to prepare for Talk Like A Pirate day.

(in the order of the evening)

1. Practised Pirate Speak (with this to continue all night)

2. Made Eye Patches

3. Made a Jolly Roger flag each (red paper, black skull and crossbones)

4. Stuck the flags around the hall to make our 'pirate ship' really scary.

5. Asked them to sit quietly (ha ha ha... as if they've EVER managed that. And when they're all excited about getting to pretend to be pirates and make stuff then there really was NO chance) to get instructions for the TREASURE HUNT.

6. Started the treasure hunt. Instructions had been to tick off each picture as they found it and to sit on the floor as soon as they had found them all. I had stuck a picture under a table so knew that they would have a bit of trouble and I should be able to tell if they were cheating. Unfortunately they didn't TICK the pictures off on their sheet, but ripped the pictures off the wall as they found them. So as soon as one person found a picture, the hunt was made impossible for any of the others. I stopped the treasure hunt.

7. I explained that I had to stop the quiz because they hadn't listened to me as they had been shouting out. I explained that nobody could win - so there would be no treasure.

8. We played chinese whispers with Pirate phrases to try to calm them down a bit.

9. It seemed to work. So we gave Port/Starboard a go. This is a great game.

10. We sat down and learnt the song off the US Pirate day website.

11. We stood up to sing another song about pirates that some of them knew already and is great as it has actions including jumping, swaying, rubbing your tum and miming rum drinking... mmm... rum. It goes: When I was 1, my life begun, the day I went to sea, I jumped aboard a pirate ship and the captain said to me, we're going this way that way forwards and backwards over the Irish Sea, a bottle of Rum to fill my tum and that's the life for me! and so on up to 10.

12. They sat back down and I gave them some pieces of eight (chocolate coins) and a gold-wrapped sweet each.

13. Parents collected them. Phew!


Michelle B said...

Ooooo. That sounds like fun:) I kinda miss my days as a Brownie. We did so many cool things at our meetings!

Glad you survived the bunch!

Toni said...

Ay, but did they swab the poop deck? Sounds like fun.
p.s. mine is up.

the108 said...

Damn! You know I love me some pirates! Argh!!!

(Bond.. if you're reading this... this day was made for you :-))

Bond said...



matey, kyra...i am gonna walk your plank

the108 said...

You gonna make a grab for me booty?

TopChamp said...

ha ha. I was hoping for a bit of pirate smut.. and all it took was you two!

Mags said...

That's quite a list! I'm sure their parents wanted to make you walk the plank after feeding them chocolate prior to pick up!

Haa haa it!

TopChamp said...

Mags - I did think that actually but it was only one chocolate coin each, and we'd made them run around a LOT so I'm pretty sure they'll still have been shattered going home. I had fun! I love pirates.

Bond said...

AAAAAAAAARGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG no lassie, your booty is for me to grab... you are to take hold of my sword and make sure it is sharp!

Bond said...

oh and


Let me bury my treasure in ya

(enough pirate smut Topchamp?


TopChamp said...

can't get enough...


hoist your mast and prepare to be boarded, me beauty.


(ok maybe you can)

Travis said...

Wow! What a day for you!

Julie said...

You know I read about this on Yahoo home page and thought is was made up!

Vinny and Kyra aren't made up either!


Nicholas said...

Sounds like you had a lot of fun!

Annelisa said...

Good to see you again, sweetie! And what fun you created at Brownies - our sessions were never anything like that... in fact, I don't actually remember doing anything (so what did we do there in that draughty hall every week??? I really don't know. It obviously wasn't memorable... Your evening sounds like a lotta fun!!!