one step at a time.

Saturday, April 10, 2010


Well! We have been here for 48hrs now.

So far we have (between us!) eaten:
po-boy (shrimp & crawfish)
bbq rib
Fried chicken and fish
Ice cream
Grilled chicken
crawfish egg roll
fish taco
beef taco
breakfast (eggs, pancakes, sausages)
.... I can't even remember the rest!

We have seen: John Malkovich, Santa a parade and MANY bands plus the Hornets basketball team.

We have tripped over the sidewalk at least 2 times each.
We have drunk beer and cocktails... and a LOT of water.

I have a US army frisbee and some purple shiny beads, flip flops and clip-on shades (which look REALLY rubbish but will be handy for my work commute).

We are all pink from day1 but have learnt our lesson and now have factor 50 sunscreen!

The boys are in the bar - I must join them... Loving New Orleans!


Gattina said...

Wow you are in New Orleans ! that's a city I missed unfortunately when we drove through the States I only saw it from far on the highway. Must be very interesting ! Your meals don't look very healthy, lol ! but are certainly good.

Travis said...

Sounds like you're not missing much of the festivities! Good for you!