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Monday, February 21, 2011

Remainder of holiday

On Wednesday we tried to visit the distillery in Tobermory, but it was shut.  We had a drink in the Mishnish pub to cheer ourselves up and ended up staying there for most of the afternoon.  In the evening we had dinner out - which was really highly rated  (using my sister's Quantify game - marking everything out of 10).

Thursday:  We went on a wildlife tour - and it was fab.  The tour guides were knowledgeable and friendly and they took us to areas we would never have visited alone.  Mull Magic they are called and they have a blog!

And the wildlife - stunning!  We saw white tailed eagles, golden eagles, seals, an otter, herons, buzzards, red deer, another deer that I have forgotten the name of temporarily... should I go on?

They have been kind enough to provide us with some photos - so I will pass one onto you.

Our otter:

This was our last day on Mull as we had to be back as early as possible on Friday for my sister to get to a hen weekend.


Travis Cody said...

A hen weekend?

Vinny "Bond" Marini said...

just went through your trip and it looked fantastic...

hen weekend = weekend with the girls?

TopChamp said...

Hen weekend = opposite of stag weekend (used to be nights in the older and I think preferable days!).

Bucks party? Do women not have one in the USA?

It's when people get married...

Travis Cody said...

Ah! Bachelor party for the fellas, bachelorette party (sp) for the ladies.