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Saturday, February 05, 2011

A week in the life of... TC

Sunday - Tax return deadline loomed.
We made pizzas with a friend whilst watching Dancing on Ice as she marked her school books and I completed my tax return! (yeah! 1 whole day early!)

Monday - Dentist.  Had a horrible filling that really hurts still - they did something to the nerve to protect it from decay and as it didn't really hurt before, it now is worse for the treatment.  In the long run I realise I'll be glad they did it.  I worked during the evening.

Tuesday - School & Brownies
Leave the house at 07.30 to start work at 09.30.  After school I do a wind sectional for orchestra til 16.15 (no lunch break this week due to extra lesson a pupil needed).Drive home hitting rush hr traffic for the entire journey arriving home at 18.30 if I'm lucky.  Brownies starts at 19.00 and as we have 2 trips coming up there was a load of admin to do when I got home. (working out how much cash we'd actually received and how much is due, plus doing emergency contact lists and a bus list - I won't be there for the 1st trip as I'm working, so it all needs to be done early).

Wednesday - early start
I leave at 6.30.  I run a group at 8.30, another at 10.50 and a final one at 1pm.  I do a couple more individual lessons then it's HOME TIME - early.  I'm back in Glasgow before 5pm.And relax!

I had booked a restaurant for the evening, to encourage us to go out.  We went to Cail Bruich - which is a Scottish food restaurant - and it was delicious.  During dinner a friend texted to invite us for a drink at a pub which would be on our way home anyway so we met him.  It was fun.  His girlfriend gave us a lift home too- bonus!

Thursday - Office job day.
I felt a bit rubbish this week which I can probably put down to the drinks I had on Wednesday night.  Nothing fun to report.

Friday - Office day then office party!

It had been 3.5 yrs since we had a departmental night out.  When we have brought it up with our manager she has said that the Boss was not interested, or that they could never pick a date.  One of my colleagues decided that we should just pick a date, see how many people could make it, then go for it.  So she picked yesterday.  And all but 3 people said they would come!  Theoretically.

Of course there were a few last minute cancellations, but we ended up with 15 attendees.

It also ended up that our Boss picked up the bill!  Awesome.  Although I mucked up the credit card thing and he actually had to pay for it rather than putting it on the company card as they don't accept American Express.

It was fun.


Travis Cody said...

Sounds like a full week. Congrats on getting the taxes done! Now that can go away for another year.

I'll be doing mine early, just as soon as all the documents come in.

Jen said...

Busy week! Are you lolling about doing nothing now?

Vinny "Bond" Marini said...

and I thought I was busy!!!

TopChamp said...

Trav - That kind of organisation impresses me!

Jen - Just back from a week of lolling around, yup. Had a nice dangly Mull carrot to keep me going through all that, though it is a normal week really for me.

Vinny - You are busy! And you know I like to be too.