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Friday, August 26, 2011


I am such an ignoramus! Or naive... Take your pick.

On the train I sat next to a man because he had a plug socket I could use for my phone charger.

As I had to ask to use the socket (as it was in front of him) conversation was sparked by me.

He was very interesting - from New Delhi working in Glasgow.....

We exchange phone numbers and facebooks, because he sees me using Facebook and I assume he wants more local friends having moved recently to Scotland.

2hrs later he asks "so are you married, have a boyfriend...?".

THEN the penny drops!

It's quite nice to think someone would be interested. Perhaps this dieting think has made some difference... Been a long time since I've been chatted up. So long I no longer recognise it.

Note to self: drop in boyfriend reference earlier in the somewhat unlikely case that the situation might occur in future.  Not sure I used "we" very often either in my stories now I think about it. That'd be a good idea too.

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