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Saturday, September 03, 2011

Brownies - New Game Under Development

I have had an idea for a game - we are doing a WW2 bit this term (for Remembrance Sunday mostly but trying to make it personal & fun). *note - just checked and Remembrance Sunday is meant to be about WW1 which is fine - means we do WW1 for a wk then WW2.

We are going to ask the vicar who knows a lot about how the hall we meet in survived bombing in the war. The church has a stained glass window commemorating this.

We are then going to make poppies and lay a wreath.

The following week we have a granny coming in to tell the girls about being their age during WW2.
She has ration books and a diary from the war.

I think that ration books would make a great game for the kids:

Currently in the planning stages but I think.... Set up tables of goods - they are your shops. Have a bakery, a butchers and a grocers.

Split the girls into groups. Should this be sixes, or into age groups so the older ones get to take it further than the younger ones?

Give the kids ration books & a shopping list - Perhaps they have senarios:
You are shopping for a family of 4. Buy ingredients to make one day's food for your family.
Family favourites:
Mum - Loves porridge
Sister - Loves cheese sandwiches
Brother - Loves fish
Granny - Loves cake

You are shopping for a family of 3. Buy ingredients to make one day's food for your family.
Mum - Loves potatoes
Dad - Loves beef
Big sister - Loves apples (rare)
Little sister - Loves milk

You are shopping for a family of 2. Buy ingredients to make one day's food for your family.
Mum - Loves cake
Sister - Loves carrots

Points to be awarded for teams buying ingredients for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Bonus points for buying the favourite foods.

There would be an opportunity for the girls to be inventive - family that loves cake and sandwiches could buy flour, butter, sugar, eggs, yeast... which would be cheaper than a loaf and a cake.

Bartering would be allowed - a family who had bought six cakes but only wanted 2 could sell them back perhaps if they then found they would need bread..........

I still have thinking to do on this but it looks as though it would work to me.

What do you think? Any helpful suggestions welcomed.


Travis Cody said...

This sounds like a great idea to teach the girls several things while they have some fun. They'll learn about the war through hearing stories about the hardships faced by civilians, they'll make remembrances to honor the soldiers, and then they'll learn through the game about sacrifices and budgets on the home front.

Jen said...

What a great idea! Well done you!

Mrs Successful said...

We're just back from London and visited the Churchill War Rooms. There were a few cookery books I thought about buying but also thought I'd never use them. Now I wish I'd bought the cheaper one. What a co-incidence to find your blog relates to that today. I think it's a wonderful idea - but a lot of your ideas are. xx

TopChamp said...

Hello Mrs S - was wondering how u were getting on these days! Hope London was good fun.... Cookery book would have been interesting - might try to get one. I found a few recipes online to give the girls.

Vinny "Bond" Marini said...

excellent ideas to teach the young ladies about their history!