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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Day Trip

Today my Brownies have taken a trip to the Royal Concert Hall. We went to see an introduction to an orchestra concert for kids. 

We caught the train at 10am then went to the concert.

That took us to lunchtime so a quick Happy Meal macky d's was had before we got the train home.

Arriving at the hall 30 mins early left time for toilet trips and then a game of Down On One Knee outside in the sunshine. 

Everything went well and the kids all enjoyed themselves.



Travis Cody said...

What a wonderful outing for kids to learn more about music than what they hear on the radio.

Mrs Successful said...

"Down on one knee" sounds good. I think my hubby should use it when he's due me a apology. xx

Sounds like a well-organised, happy, day.