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Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I am a train convert.  I love trains!

I have been getting trains to Edinburgh for school, rather than driving.  There were pros and cons for this:
1/2 hr walk from the train station to school (good for diet).
No parking concerns.
I found a train for £9 return (so it's cheaper than the drive)
Sitting on train more relaxing than driving through heavy traffic.

1/2 hr walk from the train to school (long way in bad weather)
Longer commute (from home - 2.5hrs so 1 hr extra each way).
£9 return train requires a long wait after school as it's only on Crosscountry trains.
£9 train not ideal due to Brownies on a Tuesday - any delay on trains would make me late.

Since my cons had a few solutions:  I can get a cheap ticket on the way TO school SINGLE, and a less cheap off-peak single home - for less than the peak rate fare.  It would then cost £18.00 rather than £19.30.  Not a huge difference but I like it.

OR - I can get the cheap ticket TO school and a BUS home - £12.00.

Essentially - I am now public transporting on Tuesdays but still driving on Wednesdays.  Today I'm leaving it as late as possible because I really don't want to do the drive.

LOVE the trains!


Vinny "Bond" Marini said...

Rode commuter trains for some 25 years. The trips were about 1 hr 45 min each way. Slept in the in the evening.

Travis Cody said...

I've never used public transportation. I think it has to do with a feeling that I'm losing some measure of independence when I don't have my vehicle.

TopChamp said...

Trav - that interests me as I feel MORE independent on the train. It feels like real life to me whereas when I drive it is too easy... And actually it isn't easier - I am more tired driving than getting up early for the train.

Getting the train then walking for 30 mins makes me feel wide awake and more lively.

pinkyrubberducky said...

i have to agree with yuo i find my self alot more independant and lively sice getting the train and its saved me more then driving esp witht he petrol as it is at the min:Dx