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Monday, December 05, 2011

First snow this winter

Yesterday my Brownies and I went to see a pantomime: Peter Pan at the Pavilion.

We met at the church hall to get the train into the city centre.

The show was great fun - they loved it. They also enjoyed the train journey (although they tried to shut the doors while the last 4 of us were still disembarking which would not have been funny. My assistant held onto the train on the outside til they let us off!).

This morning I woke up to the scene below. It's 3am but look how bright it is with the reflected light.

I now feel ready for Xmas! Shame there's 2 wks of school & work to go yet....

Anyone else in the festive spirit just a BIT too early?


Gattina said...

What ? you have snow ??? I hope it doesn't arrive here for Christmas, last year we were almost stuck and it was very difficult to drive to Amsterdam. So far the temperatures are rather "warm" for the season in Belgium.

Jen said...

Great trip! Sounds like fun.

TopChamp said...

Gattina - yup snow and apparently more snow to come! I am currently pondering the pros and cons of train or drive to work as I have a long commute today.....

Train: Have to leave in 20 mins.
Drive: Might be icy roads but get another 30 mins in the house....


Jen - was good.... Cake pops (variation there-on) tonight! Making cake-pop mix, chilling it then rolling in chocolate and putting in little cake cases. Decorating with icing & a poinsettia/holly leaf/santa face from Sainsbury's. Should be good - practised yesterday and made myself feel very sick with all the tasting I felt it required. V good for weight-watchers I have heard.