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Sunday, December 11, 2011


OK - this is MY blog... so it is really all about me.

I cannot sleep.  I can't decide whether it's the chinese take-away or the cold temperatures... whatever the reason, I am awake at 4am.  What to do at this hour?  Read my blogging friends' updates of course!

Expect me anytime soon.


TopChamp said...

Incidentally - I have now decided I really ought to go to sleep since I am working tomorrow.... so I may not see you after all!

Jen said...

Well, thank you for the posts! And by all means make the button trees next year, it's bit stealing, it's sharing resources.

Jen said...

*not stealing, rather than bit stealing - autocorrect

Travis Cody said...

I understand the insomnia. Lucky for me it seems to have left me alone for the last month or so.

Mrs Successful said...

Reading your blog at 5am. Isn't it awful? (being awake - not your blog). Thanks for your recent comment 'til the end of the year' on my blog, TC. L.o.v.e my Monkey Puzzle!!! xx