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Tuesday, April 03, 2012


On Thursdsay we go to America!

Am I excited?? Just a bit!!!

We fly to Memphis on Thursday (10hr flight... sure it'll be worth it though...!).

We hire a car and drive to New Orleans with a stop-over night in Vicksburg on the 8th April.

We spend a week or so in New Orleans.

We fly home.

There are SO many things I want to see. SO many places I want to go.

I will post photos - no doubt about that!


Jen said...

How exciting! Have a brilliant time!

TopChamp said...

Thanks Jen!

Mrs Successful said...

Hubby and I did the Nashville/Memphis/Graceland holidiay - magic.

n'Orleans? ... ... ... fantastic. Have a 'blast' (and congrats on the fabulous weight loss, TC). x

Travis Cody said...

Have a great time!

CountryDew said...

Have a great time, and welcome!