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Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Yesterday I did the Brownie accounts - took all day! (included a visit to the bank to get some prints of statements and organise new signatory)
I sent bills to parents.
I deferred my student loan repayments.
I tried to contact absent pupil - no luck.
I typed up a flyer for a fundraising event this Saturday evening.

Today I left for Edinburgh EARLY to get a Visa for India from the offices which open at 8.30 before starting teaching at 9.30.
Teaching finished early as last pupil (with exam tomorrow) did not attend.  I think he may have arrived 30 mins late as he texted.

This evening I had hoped to be camping overnight but it is too rainy to bother for a 1-nighter.

Instead I have made the suggested changes to the flyer and have planned for its printing.

Tomorrow I have to go in early to see my pupil who texted for a replacement lesson.
I have to teach.
I have to plan a Big Lunch which we are holding on Saturday lunchtime.
I need to make up a fun quiz treasure hunt for Rainbows, Brownies & Guides.

Thursday I need to buy ingredients for sandwiches to feed the above girls.

Friday I am going to the pub with my friends.

Saturday I am going up to the hall early to prepare for lunch.  I am then going home to meet my friend for prosecco (which I will need!) prior to attending the fundraising event which is for the India trip.

Meanwhile I'm working on the Big Brownie Birthday Party plans.

It's a busy week.  Very Girlguiding-heavy... but it's the end and after India I'm OFF DUTY (except the 2 meetings scheduled during the holidays!!).  Roll on July... 2nd half of July.

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Travis Cody said...

When are you resting???