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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Cocky! (and getting comeuppance!!)

In my most recent posts I had a little self-congratulate about how amazing I am at exercising.  I felt as though I was there... fit.

Ha ha ha ha ha!  My body laughed at my cocksure arrogance.

Last week:
Walking Weds included bagging a munro (climbing 950+metres walking 9 miles),
Thursday legs too sore to do much.
Friday spin class & 4m walk, legs still sore.
Saturday 16mile bike ride (I only got a bike a few weeks ago) + 2m walk.  Amused myself by still being unable to fully extend right leg (quad wrecked) but cycling easily.
Sunday gardening, shed clearing, 4m walk - sunburn (quads better)
Monday spin class & 4m walk in the park in the rain.............. shoulders hurting.

and my shoulders & back started to hurt more.  And more.  And more!  I slept little since there was no way to get comfortable.  OUCH!

Tuesday - 9m walk over a hill (only 600+m) and along a canal path.
Today - shoulders a bit better.

Seriously though - OWWWWWWWW!  I blame the bike ride.  Maybe the spin.  Probably the bike ride.

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Travis Cody said...

Well, looking at the positive aspect, you seem to be fit enough to do an awful lot of stuff...even if it does make you a bit sore!