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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Updates: walking challenge

At New Year I started a challenge to walk 500 miles by the end of June.

I then signed up for a trip to India leaving 26 June... shaving 4 days off my time.  I therefore backdated the challenge to 26 December (handy as it was a day I did  a lot of walking!) and have been working on it since.

At first I had to walk 3.3m per day.  It was hard to do - if you missed a day the total shifted so it was important to try to walk 3 miles every day.  I was TIRED.  I walk a lot - so thought this would be easier... somehow having to do it on days when you were busy doing other things made it really quite difficult.

After a while it became easier.  Then I had a few days where I couldn't go out - days where I was working away and simply didn't have the time after travelling to fit an hour or so walking into the day.

I fell behind.

Last month I was needing to walk over 5 miles per day to hit the target.  I worked really hard to get some extra miles in and am currently back at just over 3 miles per day.

By Monday I will have walked 400miles since Christmas.  It feels good!!  But my walking boots have died - tiny cracks in the sole mean my foot gets wet on the hills.  One wet foot :)

(most recent summit - Beinn Fhionlaidh)


Jen said...

Don't forget to include height climbed too! Every Munro bagged should add 3000m to your total I think!

TopChamp said...

Can you count that??

Travis Cody said...

That's really good. Your fitness must be really good by now.