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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Update: Holiday

26 June I go to India with Girlguiding Glasgow to visit Sangam (world guiding centre).

I feel all sorts of things about this - ranging from terrified to elated and excited.

Mostly I'm excited... and the closer it comes the more excited I feel.

I have 1 payment left to make - and then it's all go!


Jen said...

Top champ, would you bring me back a sangam Badge? I can offer as a trade: either a pax lodge badge, bought a few days before you go, or an our chalet badge that can't be bought till August 2014?
I have a friend who was at our cabana this spring, you at sangam, I'm going to pax in a few weeks and daughter to our chalet next summer so I can collect all 4 if you can help me!

Jen said...

It's strictlyjen btw, just realised that didn't show up...

TopChamp said...

Hello Jen - of course! I will certainly do so xx I would like either - can't decide which I'd be less likely to visit!

Jen said...

Fantastic! Well, we'll make it Pax Lodge then as that way I can buy around the same time as you rather than making you wait 14 months!