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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Good Times!

I am still a bit busy:

Today I had a school concert - so there was a rehearsal this afternoon (2 o'clock). It is also Brownie night, and we had arranged to go to plant trees locally.

This meant that I had to leave straight from the rehearsal and drive to Drumchapel woods.

In preparation for that I left early today and went to get some first aid stuff as the box needed updating and I couldn't be unprepared on an activity like this. I also bought Penguin biscuits and Capri Sun juice drinks for the kids.

A man called Terry met us and we walked up a hill really fast (because 8 year olds walk uphill as if it's flat ground... weirdos). I thought I was gonna puke at the top but we got a little break while the trees were brought up by the men from the Woodland group.

The girls were given gloves and shown how to dig using a spade properly. Safety was emphasised. They had already been split into pairs, so in their groups they went off with a spade to dig some well spaced out holes and plant some oak trees.

They LOVED it. We were lucky that the weather favoured us with sun.

One of the girls announced that 'This is the best Brownies ever!'. That makes it worthwhile. The others were very happy too, and they went home excited with the plan to visit the woods again for a guided walk soon.

Successful day!


Half-baked said...

That's really cool - was it for Changing the World?

TopChamp said...

Jen - Yes - they'd chosen tree-planting and when I did an internet search I happened across a group actually in Drumchapel. They immediately agreed to have us and pointed out that tree planting season is right now so we'd need to be quick about it. They were great.

Bond said...

excellent that you did something they loved...

Travis said...

How cool that they got excited to plant trees!