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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ranty Angry Grumpy Bitch

That's me today. Sorry!

It started off so well. I went for a nice sunny walk to the dentists, where he told me (again) that there's nothing wrong with me.... Then I got home.

I had a letter from the bank telling me that they were going to charge me unplanned overdraft fees after they removed my planned overdraft without informing me.


I have phoned them. I am waiting now for them to call back.

I have a headache now from grumping so much. Have to practise the trumpet now too even though my head and teeth are hurting which means the practise session is going to be rubbish. Ever the optimist x

I have a photo of a threesome to post later on (when the car's back) which will cheer me up.


Anonymous said...
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Travis said...

Well dangit!

Bond said...

That stinks...I hate banks

Akelamalu said...

Hope you get the bank thingie sorted, can you get a second opinion on your teeth?

TopChamp said...

trav - hello! I have chilled out now.

Bond - I hate them too.

AK - at the moment I need to see if the dentist clean helps. Last night I would've said it was better. This morning my gums are sore again...... but my teeth feel ok.