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Monday, March 30, 2009

Why I love Glasgow.

People are so friendly!

Yesterday (on only a bowl of cereal) I went out to rehearsals then headed out to the pub. Sunday is quiz night in our old local, so I got a bus around 8pm to the West End.

In the bus queue I asked an old(ish) man whether the bus drove along Great Western Road, as the timetable didn't tell me.

He replied that it did.

On the bus I headed to the back as I had 3 trumpets with me and there is usually more room there. The chap from the bus stop sat on the far side of the back seat.

When I looked over he asked how far along the road I needed to go, and remarked that he thought the bus drove all the way to the end. I replied (as I was a tiny bit pissed) that I was going to Hubbards pub. He then replied that he was going there too!

It turned out that the man on the bus was a member of a rival team. Grrr.... In fact, the man was a member of THE rival team. The team who usually win.

Arguing with the man over who was going to win must have helped as we came third! That is the highest we've ever come. Unfortunately the Westerners came second - so they beat us. They didn't win though, which was nice!


Bond said...

Consorting with the enemy huh? LOL

Gattina said...

I just imagine somebody sitting in my bus with 3 trumpets ! I think I would stare at him all the time, hahaha !
Congratulations that you became third !!

Travis said...

Good job on 3rd place! And you must have psyched the other gentleman out so they didn't win.