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Saturday, September 19, 2009


I hate lying.

Got a few cash flow problems in the TC house this weekend, caused by us (and car repairs) but exacerbated by friends visiting and making us pay to go on an outing with their kid tomorrow. I want to see them but don't want to pay.

I suggested a free option (park and animal house) but I think my friend may be scared of snakes though she's blamed her daughter.

We are having to lie to them (hope they don't have this blog address!) and say that boyfriend is working because we can't afford entry for 2 adults.

It is also a pal's birthday this weekend and he has changed from an in town few drinks to an out of town party at his house.

You might think for skint folk this would be better - but in fact:
- we have to drive there so need to pay for petrol £5minimum,
- we need to take something to drink so we will be taking fizzy water
- we feel as though we ought to be bringing something for the birthday boy but we are going to apologise and feel a bit bad that we can't. We do have a card.

Had it been in town we would have walked, bought him a drink, politely chatted for a while then walked home again. Total cost £2.50. Still more than we actually have.

I have been back at school for a few weeks now and have picked up my first kid lurgi. A stinking chesty cough. Bloody children.

This is making me iritable, and I have just fought with my boyfriend because he partially cooked turkey drummers for lunch then when I pointed out they weren't cooked just threw them away - so now we have nothing. Brilliant.

Hope you lot are having a better time of it!!! I think sleep would cheer me up.


Strictly said...

(((hugs))) hope you manage to scavenge something for lunch.

As for your friend, if I were the friend, I'd rather you just said look, we can't afford x, how about we do y or z? I can be really dopey at picking up on signals sometimes so I prefer people just to be honest.

Can't help with the party. I was going to suggest making a card but that you do already have.

TopChamp said...

Thank you for the hug! I went back to bed and confirmed the bug is definitely making me cranky.

I've saved a tenner back so I can go - I'll eat when I get home. I know she'd be ok if I told her, but we arranged it ages before we spent all our money (puncture) so I don't want to disappoint the wee girl. Science Centre it is...

I have been a bad person already and texted to let her know I had a cold on the offchance that they'd cancel. But nope. Feel BAD - I do want to see them.

Travis said...

Sorry to hear about the rough stuff. Hang in there!