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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Busy busy busy

I have started HUNDREDS of new pupils this week, and have successfully kicked off our Brownie Year... but we're totally over-subscribed. I have taken everyone who turned up because I was expecting around 27 girls but it turned out (when I got home and checked against the record the Rainbow leader had provided) that we will have 30 if they all come together.

That is 2 more than our maximum as the ratio is 1:8. We have 3 leaders now regularly, and we have a parents rota. Our hall is also FAR too small for this many kids.

We have 3 that I was going to put up to Guides at Christmas. I spoke to one and her Mum after Brownies and asked if she would be happy to go up to Guides now.. she said Yes. I have 2 more to speak to. Fingers crossed... I think 1 might say no.

We could always try to get the 2nd pack started back up - we used to be (before my time) 310th A and there was at one time a 310th B pack too. But they'd need new leaders.

Wait and see - half of them might hate it and never come back. Esp since all I got them to do last night was name badges and sticking crepe paper to card for a display before In & Out the Dusty Bluebells because they're showing the Guides how to do it next Tues.

I did hear one say 'It's a bit like school but more fun' which I found amusing.


Strictly said...

Wow, sounds chaotic! While I'd hate to have 30, you only need to worry about the ratio if you take them out of the meeting place, 1:8 is only a suggested ratio in the meeting place, it's up to you how many you have as long as you obey the ratios out of the meeting place.

Hey, you must be running a great pack to be so over-subscribed!

Bond said...

You are so successful...everyone wants to be in your troop!

Travis said...

That's great that you've had such a turnout!