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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Brownies in the newspaper

OK from the top: This year our pack is big and we have a large intake of Rainbows plus a couple of independant newbies.

Two weeks ago my assistant booked a last minute hol to Florida handily leaving and returning on Tuesdays... She was adamant that she would be at Brownies on the 2nd Tues though (last night) as she needed to find out and pick up forms for Pack Hol. Actually I had a few things I'd been hoping she'd help with because she's good at craft etc.

As a Guider I'm fairly strict. Usually.

This term I have not really been up to much as I've started a new job which is tiring me out as it's fairly full on and has a hefty commute. I love it - but I'm still working the routine out.

This week particularly I felt soooooooooo tired (still feeling grotty) so I had been hoping my assistant would pick up the slack. Only she had bloody jet lag! Should have known that'd happen!

At the beginning of our meetings last night the Evening Times photographer turned up to take pics of the Guides and Brownies for an article they're doing. The girls loved it and watching them primp and fluff their hair as they lined up in a mottled half uniformed crew was very amusing.

After the photo though it all went downhill! They had a whinge about washing up on Brownie camp so I made them listen to the Brownie Story (loads of new kids - needed doing at some point). They were really good.

Then I let them loose - and they became LOUD. They got to sing, sit in a tent indoors, have marshmallows round a pretend campfire, play games. And their behaviour was appalling. They took ages to do everything because they were all in diff groups talking and chatting and getting NOWHERE. And all I could do was hold my arm up because I can't breathe well after this flu bug.

So next week we will write pack rules and practise the One Arm in the Air Stop Talkin Right Now GirlGuiding move.


Strictly said...

They are always worst when you are not on top of your game! I hope you feel better soon and I am sure you will restore order next week.

Meanwhile, how exciting, they are going to be in the Evening Times! Will you put a link to the article?

TopChamp said...

Strictly - happily I feel TONS better today so my fears about pack holiday are shrinking a little.

I won't link here but I'll send it to you.

Bond said...

What a night....made me tired just reading...

Glad you are feeling better

CountryDew said...

Hope you are feeling better now!