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Sunday, October 04, 2009

holidays a comin

I am going on holiday soon and am very excited.

My first holiday is a trip to Germany. 2 nights in Mainz then 3 nights in Cologne.

We had a few problems with finding cheap enough accommodation so have ended up with 3 adults in a family room in Mainz then 3 adults in a 4 bed youth hostel dorm in Cologne but I really don't care. I'm going on holiday to have fun and sleeping is NOT in the plan.

The second holiday is a trip to Anstruther, Fife to stay for New Year. Yey! Excited? Moi?

Anyway - tonight we are making our own pizza - we have salami, olives, red onion... yum!


Strictly said...

You will have fish and chips while in Anstruther won't you? World-famous!

Travis said...

Holiday! Wooooooooo!

Bond said...

Holidays rock!

TopChamp said...

Strictly - I went all the way there when I had an interview in Fife in Summer JUST to get the famous fish and it wasn't as good as the shop in Kirkcudbright - defo. However I will give it another go!

Trav - Yey!

Bond - well you've just had a pretty major one, haven't you!