one step at a time.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Improvements. The itchiness is still here but the angry red has faded and the big greyish hollow that used to be the bag under my eye is at least back to grey and flat instead of pink and puffed right out.

I'm happy with that.

No way to work out what I'm allergic to by the way. Didn't do anything particularly unual. Didn't put anything deliberately on my face.


Bond said...

Did you see a doctor? Go to an allergist and let them figure it out

TopChamp said...

Ah Bond - with the wonder of the NHS we don't have the luxury of referals to allergists.... and I'm not about to pay.

However if it recurrs I'll think about it!

Travis said...

Maybe you could keep a little diary of things for a month or so? That might help you figure out what caused the reaction.