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Thursday, June 03, 2010


I am organising a fun day on the 19th June for our division.

The only thing I am not responsible for is the buses and the numbers.  I am keeping out of it - I've provided my numbers to the people who volunteered to co-ordinate this bit.

However I have received about 400 emails over the last few days from the fundraising committee, chasing numbers and worrying about the numbers going.

Now I have no idea whether the concerns are justified.  I have 18 kids signed up, which I think is pretty good out of what is now a unit of 23. 

However our DC has now called an emergency meeting next Weds night at 8pm.  I am working from 8-10pm and don't see why I should try to get out of work... surely they can be flexible with the meeting.

Usually I would let it go and send apologies, but I am co-ordinating this bloody thing... so SURELY I should be there??


Jen said...

No, work comes first, guiding doesn't pay your bills. If DC knows you, the organiser, are working and isn't rescheduling because of that, then she will have to co-ordinate between the meeting and you. Good luck with the event. To you and to her!

Travis Cody said...

Any chance you can video conference?

TopChamp said...

Jen - Thanks. I just needed a whinge.

Trav - Nope. The meeting is at 8 and I have a rehearsal at 8. However I care less this morning. Was having a bad day yesterday that's all.