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Friday, June 04, 2010

Why I went back to volunteering.

Simply - I missed it.

When I graduated college and had free time that wasn't in the pub I missed doing something for fun... for someone else... for free. 

I played the last post one remembrance sunday and they had Brownies in their parade.  I got chatting to their Brown Owl and she took my phone number to pass on.  I then contacted Girlguiding through their website, but it was 2 years before anyone actually contacted me and I was put in touch with Guiders in my locality.  I hope they have improved this part of the recruitment of adults since then!

That was around 2004/5 I think.  .

I had looked around at other options too. I considered helping with old people - there's a charity in Glasgow that organises monthly tea parties for the elderly. They look for volunteers to host a party and volunteers to transport the elderly to and from the parties, as well as talk to them of course.  I quite like this idea.

So now I run a thriving Brownie unit in Glasgow.  This year we had a few issues as we were too big for our small hall, and we didn't have enough VOLUNTEERS to run a lot of the activities we would have liked to.

Don't imagine that we didn't still have a fun year.  We did... and we have achieved a lot this year despite these limitations.

However I have sent out an SOS asking for regular unit helpers.  Worth a try, right?  I also plan to speak to my Brownie boss to ask for more help.  

I know in our division there are several units who still run with just 1 Guider so they'll get priority though whenever the next new leader happens along. 


Travis Cody said...

Volunteering is a noble thing.

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