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Monday, November 15, 2010

This week we are making these: Chocolate marshmallow snowmen

Not my photo - this was from the blog below.  I only hopeours can look this cool!


Jen said...

They look fab, good luck! Take pix!

We can't do those, we have several Brownies who can't have gelatin as they are veggies and veggie marshmallows are just too expensive for the whole unit! So I shall live vicariously through yours!

Travis Cody said...


TopChamp said...

Jen - I have some profiteroles (unfilled from cake/desert making section of supermarket) for my Halal Brownie and have no veggies to worry about. I do have a nut allergy, a milk allergy and an egg allergy... but the milk and egg ones aren't allergic to milk or egg IN things (don't understand how that works) and the nut one was easy - none of the ingredients have trace nut.

Also - we're wrapping them up in plastic bags to take home so I'd have just told them to give it to someone as a gift... I'm mean like that.

CountryDew said...

They look great!

Kelloggsville said...

a halal, a nut allergy, a milk allergy and an egg allergy...oh my word! I would have done hama beads!!!!!!!!