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Wednesday, December 05, 2007


I forgot to take any photos despite packing the camera and spare batteries, so had to take a photo of the orange I brought home... none of the cards or oranges by kids.

I also forgot to give the new Brownies invitations to complete so when they make their promise they can start doing their hostess badges.

The other leader forgot to write letters telling them we're finishing next week.

We did:

Make Christmas Cards with robins on. The robins were made out of brown paper with red glitter tummies and wrapping paper bobble hats and wings.

Made clove oranges with festive bows as table decorations.

Had 3 pow-wows. (Overkill!?)

We had one at the beginning to get them organised and plan for next term.

They had a lecture in the middle from the Guide leader about the carol thing next week that I'd already told them about in the pow wow at the beginning...

And a short pow-wow at the end so they could give out their Christmas cards and get their presents from us.

It takes time organising and clearing up and for once there was not loads to do at the end. We had help from a Mum who was great!

Today I am going through to Edinburgh to do my teaching. I really don't want to go. The kids are great - but it's a long way to go for 2 hours actual work. When I get home I have an hour or so before the next job which is in Paisley (and is a new one).

Sure it'll all be great & will turn out to be the most fun ever.

Update - I realised on arriving at school having driven through appaling weather arriving 1/2 hr late that I had reports to write today too. This was not the most fun ever... and the drive home was pretty bad too. I have been home now for about 20 mins and am about to head back out to tutor an orchestra trumpet section for 3 hours this evening. Lucky I like music.


Bond said...

It is so cool you do this for these young women....a great role model

TopChamp said...

Bond: You're very sweet. Not sure I like the idea of being a role model though!

Sniz said...

I know I've told you before that I think you're a GREAT Brownie leader. How old are your girls? Is Brownies over there like it is here in the States? My girls' Brownies leaders weren't nearly as awesome or "into" it. Sorry about all the driving but I, too, am glad you love music!

the108 said...

You can never have too many pow wows :-)

CountryDew said...

It IS lucky you like music!!!