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Thursday, April 23, 2009


This week two of our oldest Brownies moved up to Guides.

For their last week I thought we could do picture frames and put a group photo in. After our opening pow wow we got them into two lines and made them say silly things so they laughed. I managed to get a good shot of them all facing the front.

I had my laptop and printer there, so while I printed copies off for the kids, my assistant got them doing the frames. We used A4 card folded in half - The top bit made the frame - they built up edges with balls of yellow crepe paper glued down, and added some stars and Brownie logos.

We then got them to sign the inside and pass each card to the person on the left - until all of the cards had been signed by all of the Brownies.

They loved it - and they came out looking great. Success.

Time for a quick game of Splat Bang, then we finished with the presentation of our Changing the World badges and one moving up got her Adventure badge with an I love Brownies patch and a little Brownie photo holder thing.


Travis said...

Great project. I had a home made frame like that for one of my football pictures when I was a kid.

Strictly said...

That sounds like a great night - do you give the Brownies was an Adventure badge as well?

Must go and write about our night last night too!

Bond said...

Sounds like give so much to these young ladies...congrats

TopChamp said...

Trav - I hope they keep them. I got the names written in so they'd be able to remember who they were in years to come.

Strictly - Do you mean did I give the other one who was moving up the Adventure badge? No - she's not been in the unit long enough to get it.

Bond - thanks!