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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

So much to say

I have had two holidays.

Last Sunday my boyfriend and I went away to a lodge near Loch Awe, Scotland with some of our friends. It's a very beautiful place and our lodge was a log cabin overlooking the lake.

The lodge slept 8, with a double room, a twin and a room with bunk beds as well as a sofa-bed in the lounge. The kitchen-diner was huge and there was a sauna and exercise room, plus 2 bathrooms.

On the balcony there was a large table with benches and a brick bbq with chimney, so you could sit out late even on a chilly day.

A couple of days before we left, one of the friends phoned in a bit of a state as she had been asked to look after her sister's two children for two weeks due to an emergency. She was worried about our holiday and worried about looking after them and the situation behind their visit.

We all said that she should bring them as we really wanted to see her!

The boy was 8 and the girl 5yrs old. They were lovely - very funny and very sweet. We had a great time, especially as they got up when we woke them up and went to bed when we asked them to go to bed. AMAZING....

We also got to do things we might not have otherwise done, like visit Inveraray Jail (again) and go to Kilchurn castle.

Kilchurn Castle Pictures, Images and Photos

In the evenings we chilled out after shattering days, sitting on the balcony with a glass of wine or cup of tea in front of a lovely fire chatting into the small hours.

It was a brilliant holiday which was relaxing and loads of fun! Leaving was tough but the fact that I was heading straight to Cardiff to visit my sister made it a bit easier.


Half-baked said...

That sounds so lovely, very relaxing.

Bond said... happy you got such a relaxing holiday

Sniz said...

Oh how lovely! What an awesome vacation!!!

Akelamalu said...

Sounds like a great holiday. Scotland is just beautiful!

Travis said...

Sounds fantastic!