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Monday, April 27, 2009

Hyundai Getz - a mixed bag

I have a Hyundai Getz. It's a little car and it's done us proud, having clocked up a huge mileage in it's six years with us.

However I think it's life may be about over. So far it's cost a lot of money over the last few months, with a replacement clutch and new power steering tubes.

Today I was picking my boyfriend up from hospital (cardiac unit - there's another story! He's fine now) and we were driving home when there was an almighty 'BANG' as our rear windscreen exploded. It just shattered as I was driving along. There is no sign of a stone in the car - and I didn't see anyone throw anything at us. I have no idea what went on. Whatever it was it was pretty scary.

So now - after a stressful 24 hours - we are waiting for someone to phone us to make an appointment to have it replaced!


Strictly said...

That is really scary (the cardiac stuff AND the windscreen exploding). Good job it was the back and not the front!

Travis said...

Yikes! I've had a stone hit the windshied while driving, but I've never had a window explode.

sexy said...
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