one step at a time.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Puting pressure on oneself is easy to do. This year during the first couple of terms I let pressure build until I was grumpy and stressed far more than I would have liked, with an enormous mountain of unfinished tasks to tackle over Easter.

I didn't do any of them.

I went away and chilled out. I saw friends and family. I now feel great - much more able to cope with my stupid schedule and job-juggling lifestyle!

Who cares that I have no guarantee of a job after Summer as the council has cut budgets so hugely that they are reducing the teaching staff by a third? Who cares that my private teaching has dropped with numbers at the school going down (recession) so it's harder to get kids to sign up for lessons as there aren't many new ones to get!?

GENUINELY - at the moment I really don't!


Strictly said...

Glad you're feeling positive - and if you're not, let it out and feel the loooooove!

Bond said...

So wonderful that you are satisfied with where you are...

Travis said...

Sometimes it's best to follow your mind. When you don't want to do something and can't get motivated, why set yourself up for failure by pushing yourself to do it?

TopChamp said...

strictly - glad to see a blog back - albeit Guiding!

Bond - I'm a bit chilled just now and am trying to keep it that way.

Trav - yup - exactly.