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Tuesday, January 05, 2010


I am such a sap! I'm feeling sentimental while watching the Hairy Bikers programme which is real people bringing their family recipes in and telling the stories behind them. It's sweet! I can't think of any family recipes we have.... Tuna fish gunge: Tin of tuna, macaroni, tin of condensed mushroom sauce. Mix. That's probably the favourite one from when we were kids. Mum was never really one for cooking.

And I am warm! Ha. The boiler repair man came today. It took him a long time to fix it but it cost us NOTHING. I love our home care insurance thing.


Travis said...

It's excellent to be warm!

Anndi said...

I am a fan of tuna, yes I am.

I think it's lovely when people share the foods that comforted them while growing up. Many a good memory is associated with food.

And being warm is most wonderful.

Bond said...

yay for free warmth!