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Monday, January 25, 2010


It has been a very busy week. I have been covering teaching for a friend, as well as starting Brownies back after xmas (we had to cancel in the snow).

We have planned our Centenary Camp.

I have planned our term out after speaking to the Brownies.

I have also spoken to my assistant, helper and the DC about putting on a Haiti fundraiser with the girls in February... which looks like it's going ahead on Valentines Day.

So: I now need ideas for quick, cheap, effective crafts or baking or sweet-making that people will want to buy.

This week I need to ask for the census fee. It pays for insurance etc, and some units don't charge it (taking it out of funds). We have always taken it separately, but this year I have changed it since Christmas. However this means we'll be short so I have to ask for a tenner. I also have to ask for some cash for camp (a BARGAIN price for all the cool stuff they'll do, mind)... so I feel there's enough info going home this week already - I'll tell them about the sale next week.


Jen said...

Have a look at, it's done by a Guider so suitable for the girls to make and hopefully you will find something that suits.

TopChamp said...

Bond said...


can't each family make their favorite treat for sale and you find a local merchant who will allow you to set up in front of their store for a Saturday?

Mags said...

Cupcakes are always a good choice, I think. You can sell them individually or by the 1/2 dozen or dozen. One flavor with 2 frostings maybe...and if kids will be at the sale maybe you could have a bunch of sprinkles in different colors and charge .50 extra to let them decorate them.