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Monday, January 04, 2010


It just occurred to me that although I popped in to say Happy New Year, I neglected to mention anything that's really going on here.

I am cold.

My feet are cold despite my socks.

I could probably solve this a little by putting my jeans on rather than PJ bottoms. I will do that now.....


Before Xmas (literally JUST before xmas) the boiler leaked. I called out an engineer. He couldn't find anything wrong and said it may have been condensation but that he had tightened everything up just in case.

We arrived home after 10 days away to find water all over the kitchen and a boiler with no pressure. We had a fab xmas at home where we were able to see our whole families including our little baby nephew, then we spent a wonderfully relaxing week away by the sea.

Now we have no heating or hot water until tomorrow.

On the up-side we are already 3 out of 4 days into the chilly patch and washing with water from saucepans/kettles is actually not so bad... hair was trickier as I have a lot of it. Still - hopefully tomorrow we will have a mended boiler and can have a lovely hot shower.


Jen said...

Nightmare, I was in Glasgow last week so I know just how cold it is up there!

Akelamalu said...

Glad you had a good Christmas with the family but to come home to a broken boiler must have really put the damper (pardon the pun) on it! Hope you get it fixed tomorrow. Happy New Year. x

Bond said...

Glad you had a marvelous holiday...hope you get the boiler back soon

CountryDew said...

Oh dear. I hope you get all of that fixed soon. Happy NEw YEar!

Mags said...

Oh man-that's rough. My old house had boiler trouble (due to my basement that flooded too much) and it is not fun. I hope you get it sorted out soon.

My feet are cold too. Even with socks and a blanket.

Travis said...

Well that's unfortunate! I hope it's not too tough to fix. feet were cold just a little while ago. I put on my mocs and turned on the space heater. Now I'm toasty!

Gattina said...

Now I am freezing when I read this ! we have - 6 °C ! I hope it is not that cold at your place with all these miseries :)
Happy New Year (a warmer one)

TopChamp said...

Jen - yup. another 2" snow last night!

AK - It was annoying but it's not so bad really.

Bond & CD - I am just waiting for the engineer to call today.

Mags & Trav - my feet are ok today - prob coz I had the electric heater (we have one in the living room) on for 2 hrs already today.

Gattina - according to the bbc it's only -5 today.