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Friday, January 29, 2010

not much happening

I have been keeping my head down for the last week or so. I have organised a whole lot that needed doing, I have done my tax return, I have made some things to sell at our Brownie sale.

I have not been out much and I have not done anything very funny.

Hence the reduction in blogging.

I will give you an example. Yesterday:

7am was wake-up time (later than usual).
I arrived in school 9.30am to find that the admin assistant had typed up my timetable wrong, and the boys had all been given incorrect times for lessons.
I spent much of the day practising trumpet in my unattended slots.
I left school 1.15pm and drove home, stopping at the pound shop to look for glass tea-light holders for Brownies and toilet roll. I got the toilet roll but not the tea-light holders.
I drove home and taught again (3.30pm).
I went to pick my boyfriend up from the train station (around 8pm), then stopped off on the way home for a take-away.
I typed a letter about the Haiti fundraiser for the parents of the Brownies & printed 30 copies (9pm).
I printed off Thinking Day letters for the girls who missed the 1st week when I handed them out.
I printed an attendance sheet and noted last weeks attendance and £ on my computer.
I went to bed (11.30pm).

I got up, showered, turned on the laptop to print off more Brownie stuff I had forgotten about.
In 10 mins we leave for work. My boyfriend is coming to Edinbro too but he has a day off.


Jen said...

Yesterday I was sick, I still ended up printing off 12 G/Os, 20 G/Hs and 14 G/Cs, some for Brownies, some for Senior Section since their leader doesn't have access to the forms just now.

Bond said...

busy in some ways...not busy in others

Travis said...

Even the ordinary every day kind of stuff needs doing.

TopChamp said...

Jen - I hope you're feeling better! There's always something that needs to be done, eh?

Bond - ALWAYS busy!

Trav - Indeed - not very blog-worthy though.

Mags said...

I am having a not very blog worthy day today and am wondering what the heck to write about for tomorrow...and I know you are not talking about the soft, warm gooey brownies but every time I read your posts about brownies I crave them. :)