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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Brownies Centenary Finale

This year we have been celebrating 100 years of Guiding.

Our year-long party culminates next week with a nationwide make or re-affirmation of our Promise.  In Glasgow we are going to the Royal Concert Hall where we have a big concert with pop acts and radio hosting as well as other exciting stuff.

I am nervous about this because I have to open and close the event with a solo fanfare.  In front of 1700-plus people I kind of know or have a link to.  It's strange - playing to strangers is dead easy but performing to friends and family is horrible.  So I am sh'tting it.

I am also a little nervous as we have all our Brownies going (except 1 who says she doesn't want to go and that her mum is making her come to Brownies.... I only discovered this when it was too late to get another ticket anyway, so I am leaving it be for now.)
I was quoted 75p for return tickets by Scotrail but when I phoned back to buy them the price had somehow doubled. Still - we have to get there.

To try to make the whole thing a bit less stressful I have elected to add dinner to the mix.  We are all going to Pizza Hut first...  Sometimes I wonder where I get these ideas from!!!

And I am up now because I want to get this stuff done - sorted - finished - organised - before Ma & Pa arrive.  I have counted the promise badges (special limited edition ones for the Centenary). 

I have written the Promise Certificates for our 4 new Brownies who will be making their promise for the first time. 
I have packed the cloth badges from the division. 
I have packed the name badges we made in wks 1 & 2 in anticipation of this trip (and to help the new ones learn names of the others).  They are fake VIP passes and they look amazing - I might blog them for any Guiders out there.  Amusingly the kids all think they can actually use them for the gig... they'll be too busy to remember when it comes to the night.
I have printed spare consent forms as I'm missing a few.
I have written a letter to go to the ones who missed the last meeting where we provided final details of the trip.
I have sorted out the emergency contacts - updating mobile numbers wherever poss as we're using public transport for this one and I'd like to be able to text them if there is any delay getting home.

I think that may be it.  Phew!  Night all.


Travis Cody said...

I'm sure you'll do just fine. It sounds like quite the event.

Jen said...

So cool about the fanfare!
I have all but one Brownie going too.
Re Pizza Hut - have you pre-booked, remember my bad experience with them in London in March when they turned away 22 of us?
I confess I have packed for Wednesday too, special badges, promise certificates, etc. I'd love to see the VIP passes, maybe add them to my packing?
I do have consent forms, but our parents re dropping off and collecting so one less thing to think about! Good luck with yours, be sure to blog about it after even if you don't have time to put the VIP passes up beforehand?