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Thursday, October 21, 2010


For me it took up the afternoon & evening of Wednesday 20/10/2010.

My Brownies caught the train at a little after 5pm.
We had a change at Partick but arrived safely in Queen Street before heading off to Pizza Hut for some tea.

While the girls (and Guiders) tucked into their mini-pizzas and salad (Hahahahahaha... nachos... that's about the only salad bar option I spotted them eating!) I had to go for a sound check at the venue.  I returned to pay for food then had to leave again as I was booked to play the Centenary Fanfare to open our event.

The gig started at 7pm with approx 2000 members in attendance I believe.  My Guiders/Helpers/Mum got the kids into their seats with their goody bags in time for us to start. 

The background music faded, the light dimmed, a microphone was put in the centre of the stage at the Royal Concert Hall and I was on.  By myself.  In a spotlight!  Performing the Centenary Fanfare composed by Claire Griffin.

2 mins later the fanfare was finished, and the real entertainment started.  Clyde 1 fm hosted the concert and after a little chat from the beautiful blonde compere Pearl and The Puppets were introduced.

Pearl and her Puppets were great!  I snuck into the auditorium and found my unit - who were loving it too. 

I hung around for a bit. 20million toilet trips later I had to leave to head back backstage to prepare to close the event.

The making of the promise bit at 20:10 20/10/2010 didn't quite go according to plan I presume... it was a little strange.  Still - everyone did it - we joined the rest of the uk in making/renewing our promise.

We then saw dance group The Fusion who were also brilliant - and very popular if the screaming and shouting was an indicator!

Following a few thank yous I had to head back to my very scary spotlight to play Taps - then off home we shot on the 20:53 train.  This is a shot from the stage (snuck on in the corner partly to distract myself partly to have a look at what was going on!).

I was very proud of my pack - they were very well behaved and had a great time - well done 310th Brownies and well done Girlguiding Glasgow!!!


Kelloggsville said...

my word, you played taps in front of 2000 people. OMG! well done you x

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Jen said...

Oh I wish I'd seen you! I am so proud of you for doing that!

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CountryDew said...

Wow, congrats to you on this. It sounds like quite an achievement.