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Sunday, March 25, 2007


Ok - it's been about 2 hours ish since I got the internet working. I am so happy I can't tell you. I was so mad last night trying to get Orange to give me a straight answer I gave myself a headache. I was also pretty rude to the phone operators several times which made me feel guilty.

So - sorry to the people I probably offended!!

During my internet-less month I have been typically busy - gigging and teaching. This has resulted in my missing the last two weeks of Brownies - firstly for my junior wind band final concert, secondly for a gig which I couldn't get out of without losing a lot of cash.

The first week the other leader (Brown Owl) didn't get in touch so I assumed nothing went wrong. I'd provided the activities anyway to make it easy and contacted the division commisioner to arrange cover so thought no more of it.

Yesterday I had a call from the leader saying that a group of girls have been mucking about 2 weeks in a row (hiding in the toilet as little girls seem to like to do!). After being told off the second week the craft I'd bought was bat and ball sets that you could decorate for Easter... slightly random but looked pretty good to me. It seems that the ringleader (also our longest-serving Brownie) didn't like this, so rather than decorate her bat with everyone else she wrote 'Die Brown Owl die. And when you do I'll be happy@. on the bat.

The leader is obviously angry. It's rude. We are going on a Bowling trip - had it been my evening I'd have had her mum in and demanded an apology. Brown Owl hadn't done this - so as far as I'm concerned she's got away with it and is being rewarded with an outing. This in turn makes me angry.

So - not much I can do - I wasn't there so it's up to her to deal with it how she sees fit.

p.s. Could someone ask Mimi for me if there is a reason that her links don't work for me? It's really strange but I can't even comment on her blog and I want to ask about her latest peace globe thing.


CountryDew said...

Glad you're up and running. I couldn't have stood being without internet for a month. Wow. I'd have been complaining a lot too.

Travis said...

Well, you made it through a month of no interent. I guess it really can be done.

I hope to never have to prove it for myself though!

miss-cellany said...

Glad you're back in cyber space - funny how lost limbed life can seem without it ; we were off line when we moved, and it was decidedly odd.

Your blog reminded me that I was probably not a very 'good' Girl Guide. Mind you, we were never rude, just what you might call 'high spirited'...I hereby apologise to our lovely Captain who had to throw me out of prayers for always trying to write a prayer that made people giggle...

TopChamp said...

That's one area we fail to cover - religion.... No praying in my Brownie pack - they can do that in church on Sundays.

My favourite ever quote was after I told one that I didn't believe in God... "OH! Are you Hindu?"

TopChamp said...

Having read that back perhaps it's an area we could cover - DIFFERENT religionS.

kailani said...

Are you saying that a child wrote that on the bat and didn't get reprimanded? Not good.

TopChamp said...

I'm sure she must have said something. I'll find out full details on Wednesday. The kid in question has been getting naughtier lately. On Valentines biscuit making night when she had been told not to run around the kitchen because it was not safe, but ran again, I sent her back through to sit in the main hall instead. She told me she hates me... I've been told she hates me several times since then!

I'm ok with that - if she pushed it too far with me, I'd just have spoken to the parents. It's a voluntary organisation so we don't have to put up with everything you have to put up with at school.