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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Thursday Thirteen # 13

My boyfriend will crack up if I do this formatting now:

So I'll just post the list.

Thirteen Suggested/Previous Names for my Trumpet Trio

1 Wonderbrass
2 Brass Necks
3 Celtic Brass (also a group in Cornwall)
4 Scotia Brass (exists in nova scotia)
5 Brass Tacks
6 Brass Hats
7 Brass Monkeys (cheers boyf...?!)
8 Cerelann Brass
9 Fanbrastic (mum again)
10 Scotch Brass
11 Brass Scotica (nah)
12 West End Brass
13 Alba Brass (can't use this)

So as you can see - many thanks for your suggestions - it's quite a big list. But mostly of names I can't use or that are funny!

I'm still mulling... gig tonight!!

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Tink said...

I like Celtic Brass a lot, even if there already is one in Cornwall. :-) I don't know what Cerelann Brass means, but it sounds good!
Thanks for visiting my T13.

Tink said...

Duh... I hope you'll visit! My T13 is about posts without comments.

impworks said...

All more creative than "The Brass Section" as the brass group I used to play in was known.

Bond said...

T.C. - OOO a naming contest...

Brass Flourish

Eric said...

I vote for 12, 8, and 9...oh and 5 and 6 would be good as well. So I'm a bit indecisive this morning.

Anonymous said...

lol.....alba brassss

dirty jokes

kailani said...

I like West End Brass. It's easier to say than the others. LOL!

TopChamp said...

many thanks... as per usual I'm out tomorrow night, saturday, sunday and Monday but I'll blog late in the evening if possible...... I drank too much tonight though and feel slightly pissed so prob ought to got to bed x

Travis said...

Ohhhh - Bond's is good!

Anonymous said...

I like the brass monkeys! :)

TopChamp said...

Trav - I agree... so Brass Flourish went on the top of the invoice this morning!

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Brass Flourish is a good name. How'd the gig go?

Happy TT, a day late but not a dollar short. I hope. You earned that buck.

Annelisa said...

Brass Monkies was quite good... had a certain ring to it... Hey, what about Brass Ring?

Glad you're back. Should be finishing novel tomorrow (if I can stop avoiding by visiting you) so will visit properly then.

Annelisa said...

Hee hee... I just put "Brass Trumpets" into an anagram maker - it came up with Smartest Burps...but I don't suppose that will go down well with the nobs, eh? :-)

or Brass Monkies tranformed into OK Mess Brains (or Makers by Sons if spelling Monkeys) - nope, didn't think so :-S

lol, so much fun!

Ok, Ok, back to writing stuff.... see you soon!

Turnbaby said...

Yes --Brass Flourish is very nice there Bondbaby.

Interesting TT

Mother of Invention said...

I love Wonderbrass!!