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Monday, March 26, 2007


In my excited blogging frenzy yesterday I missed an important event..... THE CLOCKS WENT FORWARD.

I had arranged to meet a pal for lunch at 1pm. When I looked at the taxi clock (was already running late hence taxi) it said 13:55. I asked the taxi driver if his clock was right.... He said it was.


I phoned my friend to see if she had been waiting for long. She said that she'd realised about 1/2 hr earlier that I'm daft enough not to have noticed the time had changed & that it was fine coz her boyfriend was there too.

2 thoughts:
Why did she not phone me? I'd have been there a LOT earlier - didn't even leave my house til 1.45 new time.
Can she really not go for lunch with me on her own any more? Not that I don't like him - just hadn't realised it was a threesome rather than duet engagement.

Realise that both these questions could easily be answered by her - but I can't really be bothered to have the conversation that question two might trigger.

Update: 3.30pm I realised I had just COMPLETELY missed 2 pupils lessons.... because it was actually 4.30 and I STILL HAVEN'T FIXED THE DAMNED CLOCK! It's very embarassing having to admit to a parent that you've not turned up today for no better reason than you're an IDIOT!


that frolicsome kid said...

Thank goodness we have no DST in my country. =P I remembered my elder brother calling me a few days ago from Australia and he told me that he had to set his watch an hour earlier as DST is no longer implemented, i.e. summer is over. Up the hemisphere, you guys are resetting your watches an hour later. It's fascinating how time functions like this. =)

By the way, I just want to let you know that I finally responded to your tag like last month? =O =P Apologies for the bad delay! It slipped out of my mind. Thanks for tagging me though. =D

Anndi said...

Believe me... I've done that a few times... don't feel bad. Luckily it happens on a Sunday and I don't end up late for work.

We sprang the clocks forward 2 weeks ago (synchronized with the Americans) and I had conference calls with people in France and Taiwan.. needless to say things got very confusing.. so let's all have an IDIOT party and feel better about it all.

kailani said...

Maybe the boyfriend is the jealous kind? I wouldn't want to lunch by myself with another couple unless they were REALLY good friends.

TopChamp said...

I do know both of them, but it makes lunch very much a polite(ish - I'm not the most polite of people... brass players often aren't) meeting, rather than a fun catch-up.

She'll prob read this & get all offended - in which case I'm very sorry. I only have 2 friends who know about this blog and she's one of them!

TopChamp said...

FK - that is weird... never really thought that Australia would be the opposite to the UK in daylight saving time terms too. It's an interesting fact!

TopChamp said...

Anndi - if only I could party every time I was a bit thick... would be a GREAT life.

Don't know how you managed all those time zones.. very confusing!

Travis said...

Important question...ready?

Have you fixed the clocks now?


TopChamp said...

trav - no! Off to do it right now.

Travis said...

Silly girl!

CJB said...

Only 2 friends who know about this blog... hmm let me think?! Surely not, it should be on your business cards so that all your pupil's parents can read what you really think of them!!

The rest of my thoughts shall remain firmly in my head.