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Saturday, March 31, 2007



It's decided... Brass Flourish (trumpet ensemble)... decided by me without any consultation with either of the other players. Nice.

Gig was great - we are fab though so it's not a surprise. Not been paid yet though.

Update: 11:36am... turns out I was paid last night. Only I was drunk and forgot all about it until I just spotted cash on the sideboard. Oops.


Annelisa said...

lol! I'm surprised you've got any left if you went out for a drink afterwards! :-D

Travis said...


Now that's drunk - forgetting you got paid!

YAY for Bond! Congrats on your new name.

Queenie said...

Didn't you know, always count the cash before you let the sleep flow!!!
Thank you for the visit,good to meet you., will you remember????
I will be back, to jog your memory..................

Bond said...

Glad you liked the name .. it just came to me and felt it worked..

you know.. once, a long time ago i got a check from a friend - before direct deposit and went to lunch and got wasted..

6 months later i put on the coat i was wearing that day and felt something in the lining... you guessed it... hole in pocket had sucked up check and there it was in the lining..


TopChamp said...

Oh no - cheques are only valid for 6 months though aren't they?

the108 said...

I think you should have named it "Brass Ass".


Bond said...

I actually just beat the deadline for cashing it

Marcia said...

Like the name you chose.