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Monday, April 02, 2007

The Perils Of Alcohol

I went into the office today - doing some overtime in school holidays. Some people might just take some time off. No idea why I can't do this but last week I had three days off in a row. When I say three days off I really mean three days without the office, teaching or gigs, but obviously practise must happen in these days, and the huge assortment of admin (such as account keeping) that I rarely have time to do must still take place. I hated it. I worked, and did all the things I had to do, but felt lazy all the same... no logic.

I was a bit apprehensive, as Friday night had been a work night out, and I had drunk enough to forget exactly what happened after I got home. I was worried that I may have made a fool of myself.

Relief came quickly, as I soon discovered that everyone else who was still there when I left at 11pm(ish) was also drunk. And they don't seem to know just how bad I was.


The moral of the story of course must be not to go out on an empty stomach for 6 hours mixing beer with wine with cocktails.

I'm sure there are several folk who disapprove... in fact some may even actively oppose such idiocy. Please see the following blog for more information about drinking and the perils thereof.


Travis said...

As long as you're not drinking and driving - then have a good time!

Your body will tell you when it's time to ease off.

Gattina said...

Don't bother, that just belongs to life ! From time to time it's good to flip out and be funny ! The regrets are always coming with the hangover !

BTW Very good idea to adopt a little cat again, a house without cat is soooo empty. The one you lost will still be in your haert but at least you can pet some fur again (it's very good for stress !)
Good luck ! Hope you will write about it !

TopChamp said...

Trav - would never drink and drive. Not even comfortable having one (which is well within the legal limits).

Gattina - boyfriend had last minute doubts.. so I'm gonna have to point out how much he misses our cat today.

Annelisa said...

Was going to say something about your alcoholic indulgence (apart from 'go for it!' :-)) - when life's doing its thing, and wriggling all over the place, sometimes you've got to let go of it... and sometimes that means a shot of anti-reality medicine...alcohol! :-D

What happened to the petting-fish idea? :-)

Turnbaby said...

Your entitled to cut loose sugar. no worries.

I have to agree on the 'too quiet' thing--that's exactly what i said when we were without any little sweet face in our house.

That worked--well that and making him get up early with me everyday.

the108 said...

I fully approve of people acting like asses with or without alcohol. High five!