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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Amy from is holding a scavenger hunt competition. I'll give it a go if I can... will see how much time it takes.
Anyway: details are below.
What: The Christopher Family 1st Blogging Scavenger Hunt
When: Beginning May 1st
Why? Uhm, I thought I would do something fun

Prizes: There may be more but here are a few
Any DVD or CD mentioned anywhere on this blog or on hubby's blog (yes they will be new!!)
Chik Fil A products (to be determined soon)
Free Book (it will be new and you get to pick from a list)
A cool family game. I will try to post a picture. Its pretty cool.
Family Devotional
Children's Healthcare of Atlanta onesie or toddler outfit
Gift Certificate to Winkflash for prints
cool travel mug
and more!!!

Here are the rules!

1.Starting May 1st, I will post 3 questions each day on this blog for you to find or answer. The answers can either be found on this blog or you will have to find them on another blog. The answers can not come from your blog. You may post these questions on your blog in hopes that other bloggers can help you out. This will go on for 21 days. I will not post questions on Sundays.
This is not meant to be a stressful contest, but rather fun. I will give you hints or a clue and you need to search a blog that contains that info. There will most likely more than 1 answer for a lot of the questions.

2.Everyone gets a point for answering the questions each day. The first 5 people to answer will get 2 points. You can answer directly on my blog unless otherwise specified. IF there are questions with only 1 answer, you will email me so that others wont get your answer!!! Don't forget this is great advertisement for your blog as well!

3.The posts will not always be made at the same time to allow everyone to get the extra point

How will prizes be given?
a) the highest number of points
b) I will choose random active participants. To be an active participant, you need to post at least 3 days a week or a total of 9 for the 3 weeks.
c)the person who refers the most active participants will get something special
d)someone who only gets 1 point every single day will win a prize

If you would like to participate, let me know via this post or email. If you would like a reminder about the scavenger hunt, email me at

I will be listing everyone who tells me they want to participate and some of the questions will come from your blogs so this list is going to be very helpful. Michael helped me come up with questions tonight so I am expecting this to be great fun!

Please post this or find a way to let your friends know! Also, let me know if you have anything fun or interesting on your blog we may use.

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