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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

nail-bitingly nervous

This is ridiculous!! I have been after an instrument for a while. Having contacted the makers I was informed that there would be at least a 6 month delay before I could get one.....

Then I spotted one on e-bay. Not gonna tell you any more in case anyone beats me to it.... But I've e-mailed the seller for a bit more info.

And I'm SO excited! Really excited that I might be able to get one soon - and hopefully before the gig I have booked after Easter.

I'm gonna have to badger the seller.. or perhaps put a bid in anyway but he said to check if it was an overseas purchase before bidding.

AAAAAAAGH want to know right now.

Tomorrow's gonna be a busy day for us here - I want to plant my potatoes (which I've been chitting for a while) so we need to dig over the garden. Could also do with mowing. Then I want to get a cat. But we also planned to go to the cinema. And of course I need to practise!


Queenie said...

Good luck, don't suppose those potatoes will be for chips!!!!!!!!

the108 said...

I am addicted to ebay and will bid on things even when I don't want them. I just love to win.

Last year, I saw the funniest thing on ebay ever. A woman who had been threatening to throw away all of her hubby's and kids stuff that they left lying around put a cardboard box up for bid. She informed her family that anything they did not pick up and put away would be placed in the box and the contents auctioned off. They laughed at her, but she wasn't People from all over bid on this box and by the end of it, it was FULL of crazy stuff that her dumb ass family hadn't bothered to pick up.

I wanna do that.

Travis said...

You're sounding a little manic in that last paragraph there darlin!

Good luck with the instrument.

TopChamp said...

108 - that's a fantastic idea... clever lady!

Trav - hmm.. it's after lunchtime and we're still doing the garden.. I've mown and strimmed and done a tiny bit of digging. Boyfriend is out there now digging again - I snuck off to fill the watering can and check my e-mail (blog?)!

Mother of Invention said...

I've never been on E-bay but you're not going to get your cat there are you??!!!! I'm envious...I'd love to get a frisky kitten now!