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Sunday, April 22, 2007


Show week is over... and I've had time to take down my TT videos so my blog loads faster again.
If you want to listen to any of these songs they are ALL available on You Tube.

Thanks Sanni for the Thinking Blogger award - I'll update this with the picture and five blogs tomorrow if that's ok?

Hope everyone's well - have a great weekend! I have rehearsals for gigs coming up tomorrow and Monday but should get a chance to blog properly soon I hope.

Update: Watching American Idol... Can any Americans tell me exactly what 'pitchy' means? They use it a lot on this programme. I have been watching it with a singer colleague and she doesn't know either.


Travis said...

It's good to be busy sometimes, isn't it? Especially if the busy is making you money!

Angelika said...

I'll need your e-mail address to send you the interview questions.

Comment on my blog and I won't publish your e-mail for all to see. :-)

Gattina said...

Have a nice rehearsal ! I have to cross the street now, we are invited to our neighbor who has invited the whole street for a drink. That will probably be a lot of fun and the weather is wonderful too so that we can sit in the garden.

TopChamp said...

Hi Trav: Yup good to be busy... esp as it's what I love to do too.. (In fact is what I'd do for free if people wouldn't pay me but don't tell them that!)

Angelika: Done! Sorry.

Gattina: COOL! I wish I could come - that sounds great. It's rainy cold and miserable here and I'm quite glad to find my computer working ok as there was a powercut last night. When I went to bed the lower half of our street was in darkness but it must have affected us later on because my stereo time has gone wrong.

the108 said...

Pitchy is when the singers are singing out of tune. They're singing either sharp in spots or flat in parts instead of staying on key.

Pitchy is when you sing "off pitch".

Is it different up there??

Queenie said...

So know we know topchamp, and that is such a nicer word than what my other half calls my dulcit tones

Kailani said...

All I know is . . . thank goodness Sanjaya is gone!

An Island Life

TopChamp said...

I thought it could have meant strained..... Thanks 108!

TopChamp said...

meant to add: we call out of tune 'out of tune'.