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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Every single week it gets to Thursday morning and I then realise it's a Thursday... which means Thursday Thirteen.

I like this meme, but on a Thurs morning when I'm already 9 mins late (therefore have missed the bus) I like it a little less.

This week I'm hoping to get some snaps up as I like to look at pics on other blogs..... so yet again I'm gonna have to postpone this for the evening (after panic practise - underprepared for gigs coming up & not enough days left!).

Anyway - should be spending this 9 minutes walking in the cold Scottish morning air, so I'll be off now.


the108 said...

I don't do many of the meme's but I need to.... I'll be back to check out your thursday 13. Don't work too hard today :-)

Queenie said...

Don't do meme's, cos I don't think I really understand them. I'm a simple creature, you've seen my blog so you know this anyway!!!!!