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Saturday, April 07, 2007

A Royal Visit

Today is another BEAUTIFULLY sunny day here. I'll be off out to plant a clematis (last thing I can do before my seedlings are ready) shortly.

I then have to tidy the house as my wee sister arrives for a visit today! HOORAY!

I like her.

She normally refuses to visit if I have gigs... which happens quite a lot... but it seems that my playing at 9am on a Sunday morning will not have much impact on her trip so she's happy to come. She's started working in the music industry so perhaps that has helped her to become a bit more understanding of the 'gotta take the work when I get it' aspects.

Since Thursday I've not done much really. Went to work at the garden centre for my boyfriend yesterday morning. Then came home and tried to do some tidying and practise but didn't get much constructive done as I was so tired.

Anway... cleaning to do!


Gattina said...

I saw the titel and thought you would play "The Sun" and talking about a royal visit in your area ! At least Camilla ! But no, it's (only) your sister, lol !
It seems to me that you talked about taking a new cat or am I wrong ? My son is coming with his dutch girlfriend from Amsterdam so we will (not) search eggs together !

Diana said...


I am terribly envious of your lovely sun and your garden workings. We've been hit by several days of hard freeze here in the Upper Midwest of the States and all our lovely daffodils and hyacinths and all have keeled over from the freeze.

I had to make do with grocery store flowers for our Easter table centerpiece rather than armfulls of my own flowers.


Have a lovely Easter!

TopChamp said...

Cat acquisition has been posponed due to last minute nerves on the part of my boyfriend.

I have since managed to get a firm 'yes' to the cat question... so I'll try to sort it out this week. I'll post anyway to let you know how it goes!

Mother of Invention said...

What does your sister play or do? My brother-in-law is a musician and it's really hard to get work now.
Hope you get your cat soon so we can see pics!
It's cold here too, just like what Diana was saying.
Happy Easter and have a great visit with your sister.

Travis said...

I don't know why, but your post made me laugh. Maybe it was your short comment on your "wee" sister.

I like her.

Too precious. Enjoy the visit!

kailani said...

How lucky! Something to look forward to. Hope you have a great visit!

Bond said...

Have so much fun!

Annelisa said...

Hope you're enjoying/ have enjoyed the visit of Queen Wee Sister - sounds like you're getting into the green-finger thing (I still haven't done one tiny thing in the garden (apart from eat out there))... am going to have to soon - there's certain areas that are becoming imperative, if I don't want to prick my finger and sleep in the thickets for a hundred years! :-(

But now? I've cheapo bathroom carpet tiles to lay down, whilst the kids are away! So, have fun outdoors!

TopChamp said...

Gattina - hope you had a great time. Of course a visit from my sis is far more important than a visit from the Queen!

Diana - nice answer on your blog! Cheers x Hope the tomato planting was fun?

MOI - my sister works for Opera North in admin. Not sure exactly what.

Trav & Kailani & Bond - hello! Coming to say hi on your blogs now.

Annelisa - hi! I'm sure laying carpet tiles is more fun... actually I'm sure it's not if it's anything like doing the cork ones we put down last year.

Queenie said...

So pleased you had a good Easter. I must get Math to start in our garden, I really miss not being able to do it....