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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Monteverdi Weekend

This weekend was Monteverdi Vespers weekend. I got back last night around 5pm. I stayed the night as I have a friend who lives there. At the end of the concert I went to meet her and her parents only to find MY DAD there. (I'll find a map to post so you can see how far it is) - which was very cool!

So to celebrate this exciting event we went out for a few wines (decide for yourself if I mean glasses or bottles....) then Dad went to his hotel and I stayed with my friend. In the morning I met Dad again for a spot of shopping (wore the earrings last night, Pa) intended to be for Mum's birthday present, but really just to kill some time. We then had lunch - which was a bargain at £5 each for delicious soup and a sandwich before getting busses in opposite directions!

On the bus journey home I received a phone call asking me to do a gig last night in Motherwell - Carousel. I did it - but am glad it was just for the one night as it's not my favourite show.

Also: Today (once the gas man has been to do the boiler check for 2007) we are going to the Cats Protection League to see if they have any cats who need rehoming... And it will be nice to be able to play Cats on Tuesdays with Gattina again so I hope that it works out.

Cats Protection League have the following procedure (just phoned to check!):

Go and see if any of the cats they have would suit you
Wait for a HOME VISIT! (last week we spent several hours cleaning and tidying in case of this)
Go back and collect the cat - usually a week or so later.

The home visit bit frightens me. My mum thinks it is very funny that we'll be vetted to see if we're suitable for a cat... Cruel lady.

Update: We found a cat... actually I wanted ALL the cats but my boyfriend narrowed it down to an enormous ginger tom cat called Dixie (odd name for a boy!). Fingers crossed now for a successful home visit so we can take him home in a week or so.


Queenie said...

Wow! I have family in Motherwell, haven't been there since I was a young teenager (long time ago). Remember getting stung by a bee, on the golf course there whilst I caddying for my cousin.
Hope all goes well with the cats ..

Turnbaby said...

Dixie is a GREAT omen!

Ginger is a good color---go get that pussy!!!!

Oh Sorry--you got Matt Man's overflow--being bad I know *tee hee*

the108 said...

We have an Aberdeen here in Washington as well :-)

Good luck with Dixie!!!!!!!!!

Travis said...

Good luck with your home visit. I hope you get kitty!

Annelisa said...

Yay - a new kitty friend! How old is he? Has he been abandoned? Is he ok (healthwise)?

Good luck to you (I think they just want to check you're not going to add him to a collection of 5000 other cats! You should be fine, even if the place is a bit messy ... I remember well your worries about your neighbour's reaction... these guys aren't worried about kitchen surfaces, only that the kitty's going to be safe and loved...)