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Sunday, May 20, 2007


I have a hangover... again.

Met a friend last night who I don't see so often and drank far too much wine.

Gattina tagged me to tell you 7 things about me... I'll do my best.

1. I drink too much sometimes!
2. As I get older my hangovers get worse (ie. never used to have a hangover... now my head is sore).
3. My favourite hangover food is tuna pasta bake.
4. This food choice is the result of living with a nutty girl who introduced me to the practice of hangover=tunabake day.
5. I NEVER have the sauce mix for tuna pasta bake in the house because my boyfriend doesn't like tuna.
6. This makes no sense as I always have tuna in the house, despite his dislike of it.
7. I haven't used tuna since my cat died, as a tin is a bit much for me by myself... however I have a cat friend to share it with again now so perhaps it's time to crack one open.

I am not tagging. Again. The reason for this is that I have tagged about 50million people lately and I can't think of anyone who wouldn't want to slap me if I hit them with another tag.


Gattina said...

Poor girl ! That's always the day after yesterday that suddenly you realize you drank too much. But don't give up hope, as soon as you feel better you will have another "day after" lol ! I know what I am talking about ! Now unfortunately (or fortunately ?) I have to pay attention, my liver just goes on strike and not for one day, but a lot of days !
I won't do this tagging thing anymore either, unless it's really a funny one. I always get the impression that only people who don't know whith what to fill their posts do it !
I really would have liked to have a good friendship with men. But experience told me that in my case apparently it's not possible. They always wanted more and even after faking a good friendship they suddenly showed another face. So I became very suspicious. And even today that I am a so said elderly lady I don't trust them and with reason, I had again been disappointed and I thought that now it would be over !

Annelisa said...

Ha ha - hangover again!? This goes to prove that number 1 and 2 are definately true! I find I just have to drink less (cheaper) to get the same effects... there is a bonus to it :-D

I love tuna bake, and you're so right - definately hangover food!

I have all the supplies for my favourite meal in, just in case I find myself in the house alone, and able to cook it without complaint (it's puttanesca, and no-one can stand the smell of anchovies and olives :-) )

Glad you had a good night out though... go open a can of tuna... you know you'll appreciate it! :-D

Mother of Invention said...

My cats love tuna and as soon as they hear the can opened, they rush into the kitchen. I split all the tuna water between them! Tuna is the only fish I sometimes eat, but only in sandwiches!

Bond said...

LOL not laughing at your hangover but the fact that you said your hangovers get worse as you get older... just wait dear...when you get even more mature they last more than a day! I KNOW

the108 said...

That sucks that you're hungover! Hope you feel better!!

CJB said...

Drink G&T and only G&T. It's so pure there will be no hangover no matter how much of it you drink. (He says drinking wine....)

And forget the tuna- it stinks, it's horrid and I will not have it in my house (it really is the only food that I won't eat). Tuna steaks on the other hand are OK- just that tinned crap.

TopChamp said...

CJB! Nice to see you. I love tuna and I refute all claims that it is horrid.

kailani said...

Boy, tuna sure seems to be a common theme here. My hubby loves tuna!

Turnbaby said...

MMMMMMMMMM love tuna casserole(same thing) and yeah it's a GREAT comfort food when one is hungover

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