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Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Last night my boyfriend drove me to Brownies as he was at a loose end. After arriving at Brownies one of the girls reminded me that I had told her we would do cooking this week. I had looked up Burekaboy's no cook fudge recipe but had decided against doing it, as I didn't have time to prepare properly.

I felt guilty when I got there, so phoned home and asked my boyfriend if he would be able to get ingredients and bring them up asap. He kindly agreed.

We got on with our Safety in the Home activities (worksheet with puzzles, and a game)... It took plenty of time and I assumed after a while that my boyfriend hadn't managed to get to the shop, or that something else had gone wrong (ie we haven't enough money in our bank account).

We filled the last 15 minutes playing running around games, and singing songs. At the end of the meeting I found I had 13 missed calls on my mobile.

When I left, my boyfriend was waiting in the car park. I asked him what had happened. He said that he had brought ingredients in and left them for me. When I asked 'WHERE!?' (having cleared the hall before leaving) he explained that he had hidden them under a table near the main entrance to the church. As he had been to the church - right into our hall - last week, I was MYSTIFIED as to why he would not have brought them to me. He'd obviously tried to call, but with 18 kids running round I had not heard the phone. Surely in these circumstances the only answer would be to WALK DOWN THE CORRIDOR AND BRING THEM IN HIMSELF???!?!?!

I don't get it. It's really really annoying, but I'm not allowed to be mad as he tried at least. So whilst not being angry - I must remain mystified.

I'm also going to have to use the ingredients myself. What a shame... when it's made, I'll show you a picture.


CJB said...

Don't ask me.... oh you weren't! I'm with P on this one- there's no way that I'd walk through 18 screaming 8 yr old girls. Dump the stuff and get outta there. If your phone was off then there'd've been no reason to call more than once, but since it was on, there's always a chance you might get back- and that chance is defo worth clinging on to!!

burekaboy — said...

oh dear. at least you'll have some good fudge to snack on :))

can't you just refrigerate the cream cheese until next time?

i somehow feel responsible for this, TC. LOL LOL LOL :DD i believe he knew you'd AUTOMATICALLY know where to look ;P right?? right??

TopChamp said...

CJB - I know... still think he's an idiot though. And he's been tapping things, blowing across bottle necks and humming all night JUST to get my back up a bit more I think.

Burekaboy - Next week we're going to the pottery studio to make stuff... and it's the last meeting this academic year.

We don't go back til 4th September so the cheese just wouldn't last.

Also: Fudge is now made.. and the remaining cheese was used on toast which was SOOOOOO good. Don't remember the last time I'd had full fat cream cheese, and it is delicious!

TopChamp said...

CJB - my mistake. It seems that he was blowing the bottles (so to speak) to train the cat to go and get him another beer.... or at least to get OFF HIM so he can get himself another beer.

Or that's what he says.

I believe that it was to let ME know that he needed another beer but had a cat on him so was asking (without ACTUALLY asking) me to get a beer.... He disputes this.

Gattina said...

Ayah, ayah what am I happy not to have these troubles anymore lol ! and you ask yourself why he didn't bring it in ? you gave yourself the answer with a bunch of children around he probably didn't want to ! but for once I have to defend a man, lol usually it's the other way around. He really did what he could and if you didn't hear 13 missed calls that's your problem not his ! and the fact that he hid it so nicely is good too, that you didn't find it is again your problem !
Finally the only thing he did NOT do, was coming over to you and put the things in your hands. I think he was really doing his best, so you shouldn't be angry ! (Listen to an old wise w(b)itch !)
I popped in to tell you that I have adopted a new kitten so just have a look on my cat blog if you have time ! I need a name !!!

that frolicsome kid said...

Hi! I don't think it is anyone's fault here as circumstances have made things much tougher. He probably didn't want to disturb you as you didn't pick up the phone after so many rings... He might have thought you were busy or something. ;)

the108 said...

No need for it to go to waste... I will take them off your hands :-)

Bond said...

Ummm I was gonna say that maybe he wanted you to take the credit for the ingredients, so that is why he left them there...ummm...maybe?

Annelisa said...

lol No no, everyone (especially Gattina supporting his actions) - he did his best, yes, but... he is a man. This needs no more explanation :-D

Mother of Invention said...

Aw, he was, in the true spirit of a Brownie, just trying to do a good deed!

(I loved Brownies! I was a fairy, elf and gnome and can't remember why I changed.)

Turnbaby said...

It seems a very frustrating situation for the both of you. I'd give the benefit of the doubt sugar. Smooch